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How Does Traditional Chinese Diagnosis Work?

Traditional Chinese Diagnosis works by:-


  • considering our energy, (Qi), to be our motivating driving force which brings our body to life.  It gives us animation and movement
  • considering the strength and balance of the energy system establishing which ones are either deficient, excessive or stagnant.  This is done by evaluating all symptoms and how they relate to and effect each other
  • making an assessment all of the bodily systems e.g: lungs, heart, blood pressure, digestive etc, which will enable us to make a referral to a Western Practitioner of Medicine if this is needed by the patient.

Car Analogy:

 If we take the motor car as an analogy it is obvious that a car will not function without all if it's relevant parts and systems working e.g: engine, wheels, steering wheel, radiator etc


HOWEVER without FUEL it will not function!

Our energy system is very similar:






"It is our Energy that brings our body to life and it is by maintaining the strength and balance of our energy system that we are able to keep our immune system strong and to lead a healthy and vibrant life"

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