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How Do We Establish The Balance Of Our Energy System?

The balance of our energy system is established by:-


  • evaluating whether any of our energy systems have become excessive or deficient, and
  • evaluating, where there is an imbalance, to what extent this imbalance has affected the other energy systems


"Any prolonged imbalance will eventually start to create physical symptoms"


This is called the "Balancing and Controlling Mechanism" and if we take the analogy of a raft on water we can see that:-

  • there always has to be movement because that is simply called "living"
  • providing that balance is always restored we do not have a problem.  It is when this balance goes too far out of kilter and is unable to restore itself that we start to experience physical symptoms.

"Any Prolonged imbalance of the Energy Systems will eventually start to create physical symptoms"

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