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Traditional Chinese Diagosis Made Simple

"The fundamental aim of a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is to restore the strength and balance of the Body's energy system".

There is so much written about Acupuncture and it's ability to treat various symptoms and conditions.


We aim to explain in a simply understood way how a Practitioner trained in the skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as practiced in China today, approaches the diagnosis of symptom patterns.


A diagnosis is made by analyzing and establishing the strength and balance of the five main energy systems.  This is commonly known as "The Five Element" theory and is one of the main approaches to diagnosis.


In this way the patients entire symptoms are correlated to provide a complete picture.  This enables us to:-

  • establish the root cause of the illness and dis-ease
  • threat the whole body from the onset of disease to its present state
  • re-establish the strength and balance of the body's energy systems
  • improve and bolster a lower immune system which causes poor health
  • promote a return to good health and a better quality of life


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