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What is Acupuncture?



Acupuncture which is a central part of Traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine has been practiced in China and other Eastern countries for over 2,500 years.





It is a system of healing which focuses on:-

  • Improving the overall wellbeing of a person by strengthening and balancing the energy system
  • Treating the cause of the condition which is very different to Western Medicine
  • Preventing the return of symptoms by maintaining strength and balance of the energy systems

Traditional Chinese philosophy views our health as:-

  • dependant on the free flow and balanced movement of the body's energy Qi (pronounced Chee)
  • energy flowing through a series of channels beneath the skin
  • each channel affecting a different part of the body

Dis-ease of the body can be caused by a number of factors which include:-

  • prolonged emotional states such as anxiety, stress, anger, fear or grief
  • weather conditions
  • hereditary factors
  • infections or poisons
  • trauma


What can Acupuncture treat?


In western medicine acupuncture is often used for pain relief. However, traditionally trained practitioners of Chinese Medicine can use acupuncture to aid a variety of conditions.


To find out if Acupuncture can help you please call to arrange a free chat with our Acupuncturist.


Is Acupuncture regulated?


Yes, acupuncturists are registered with the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)



What is Cosmetic or Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA)?


Cosmetic or FEA is a non surgical treatment based on the principles of Traditional Acupuncture.


Its success is attributed to its ability to work at many levels. It is by tapping into the body’s reservoir
of energy that acupuncture is able to benefit the skin. By stimulating the energy it is able to promote the generation of new skin growth by stimulating blood flow and collagen production.


Visible results show:

-      improvement in  skin tone and texture


-     dramatic reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness


-    tightening of skin pores and facial muscles


-         lifting of drooping eyelids


-         reduction in bags under eyes


-         brighter eyes and improved skin in general


My interest in FEA has grown out of a passion for Wellness and Quality of Life, namely the balanceand strength of the Energy System.


FEA treatments are £50 however, if you book and pay for 6 FEA treatments in advance you will receive the 7th FREE. That is a saving of £50.



“This is a perfect alternative to medical and chemical treatments. The result younger looking skin”


“Clients undergoing a course of FEA report significant improvements in skin tone and texture after only a few treatments” 


“Visible results that capture that youthful Radiant Glow”


“Naturally Younger Looking Skin simply by stimulating the Body’s own Energy Resources”


“It reaches deeper energetic levels to treat imbalances at the root cause”



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